A summer feast on Netflix

Netflix is still beating the telly by a mile, but during the busy summer months none of the women in the house have spent much time in front of screens. And of course if you're only watching for an hour or so a day it takes weeks to watch each series!

So this is all we have managed to view over the past couple of months:


I would watch more films on Netflix - I'd LOVE to watch more films on Netflix - but the choice is still a bit limited. So I've only two to report...


This is just another apocalyptic disaster movie, easy to digest and fairly forgettable, but it does star John Cusack, who I find quite watchable. It's all about one man's desperate attempts to save his family as the world collapses around him.

The Swan Princess Christmas

Netflix obviously keeps an eye on the weather as it suggested that Smiley would enjoy this film the day after the July frost. Yes, you read that correctly. So we actually felt quite Christmassy, with the heating on and warm clothes! The film itself is a light animated fairy tale, with lots of music and drama to keep my special need daughter enthralled.

TV Series

So many series', so little time! But we squeezed in a few...

Grace and Frankie

I finally got to the end of this fabulous series which saved a jewel until the final credits: Surely I wasn't the only person who rushed straight to google to check out Weary Blues?


It took me a while to get into this science fiction superhero series - and to follow what was going on - but once I did I couldn't stop watching, and I'm now hoping for a follow up. Basically it's about a group of people whose minds and lives become linked, which leads them into danger as they begin to find out why.

White Collar

Not science fiction or fantasy (I do occasionally watch other things).

Instead this an old fashioned cops and robbers series, but with a few twists: it's white collar crime, with an FBI agent assisted by a conman let out on licence, so there is no grit at all and very little blood which suit me just fine: instead everyone is unbelievably good-looking, including many of the villains, and the series is sprinkled with wit, fine art and wine, beautiful homes, yachts and helicopters. It's the visual equivalent of Haagen Daz, and I'm finding it the perfect summer viewing.

Wet Hot American Summer

Not porn.

Angel's first choice for summer viewing is about a summer camp for teenagers, based on a previous TV series full of actors who were unknown when it was filmed 15 years ago. They've all been brought back now and are household names, at least to my daughter's generation, and the humour is based on them trying and failing to act as children. Or so she says!


Angel has just started watching this new Netflix series about the Medellin Cartel in Columbia.

"It's interesting and compelling," she says. "Based on the true story of Pablo Escobar, it's well shot and good quality like all Netflix shows and I'm fascinated by the corruption around the drug gangs in Columbia."

Watch the trailer and I can almost guarantee that you'll want to watch the series too.

Jessica Jones

We're all eagerly anticipating this new Marvel series due to be released in the last quarter of 2015, especially after the success of Daredevil. Jessica is a former superhero who opens her own detective agency, and the series stars Krysten Ritter and David Tennant - another reason to watch perhaps!

Happy viewing!

Disclosure: I have received free Netflix streaming, and a streaming device as part of my membership of the Netflix Stream Team. All opinions expressed in this post are my own. 


  1. Sense8 seems interesting, I might give it a go. I was intrigued by Wet Hot American summer ( never heard about it before today) so I looked at the cast, and you have to know some of them like Bradley Cooper or Paul Rudd! Only them make we want to watch the movie and the series :-) Thanks for all the ideas!

    1. Believe it or not, I couldn't even picture them! Though my daughter assures me that I have watched films in which they appear :) Hope you enjoy some of these x