Finding my happy place (again)

The return to school nearly didn't happen, and I prematurely posted on Twitter when I thought that only one of my teenagers was going to be up in time for the bus. But I was wrong footed once again, and after an emotionally exhausting summer, I was able to take a morning off. And I did it properly. Unlike some carers, I cannot relax with a cup of tea at my kitchen table, in my place of work, surrounded by jobs to be done. I have to get out of the house, and as I write this I'm sipping coffee and looking out at the wide skies of north county Dublin.

I've explored most of the seaside villages within easy reach, and there's one that keeps calling me back. Perhaps there's echoes of Wexford and the place that I lost, perhaps I've finally found a new haven. But it seems that going for long walk around this village helps me to straighten out my thoughts and rein in my emotions.

It seems so far from the noise and smells and urgency of the busy city, just the smell of salt and seaweed and the misty mountains of Mourne blue grey on the horizon.

Two hours in, and the phone is silent. I'll take today and worry about tomorrow when it comes around.

For now I'm in a happy place.


  1. it's all about self-care, isn't it? with the holidays over I still haven't really managed this - some day soon perhaps.

  2. Oh I do love the sound of your happy place and I hope you get to visit it often during this school year ;) And that you have time for that meet-up. You're at the top of my catch-up list you know! xx

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment, it gave me just the lift I needed this morning :D xx

  3. Wishing you many mornings off exploring the beautiful countryside, atmospheric beaches, and idyllic villages. xxxx

  4. So happy to read this, fabulous you have found a happy place and yay to those kids being back at school. Mich x