The dead cake and other reasons to be cheerful

It all began so well.

I'd found a new recipe for Chocolate Fudge Cake, with a very neat print option. Perfect for fuelling a family haircutting session in the evening.

Smiley was on great form and happy to help.

The finished mixture looked delicious, and was in the oven just before the reps from the care agency were due to arrive.

But then things went awry. The smell from the oven was more like burning than cooking. I began to worry: was I facing the choice of a black cake or a sunk cake? Which was worse? No time to get to bake anything else or run to the shops.

I held my nerve, and waited and watched the timer and tried not to grind my teeth.

When I opened the oven door a most unexpected sight met my eyes: the mixture had bubbled over completely and there were stalactites and stalagmites of brown gunk on every surface. It was very impressive, but not in a good way!

The cake crisis did not improve when I tried to remove it (too early) from the tin. It imploded in spectacular fashion.

"It's dead," said Angel.

But I wasn't done yet. What's the solution to most baking problems? Icing sugar of course! A bit of very soft butter cream to stick the layers together and a dusting on top and it became almost presentable again.

The verdict? It tasted gorgeous, but if you want it to look nice too, I recommend that you follow the method to the letter, including using the correct type of cake tin...

So the rescue of the fudge cake is my main reason to be cheerful for this week, and there are a few others too:

The Concert

Smiley and I went to a concert - and day out - for children with a variety of additional needs. She posed with army equipment, ignored Storm Troopers and tirelessly head-danced along to all the live bands.

The Visitors

A family visit has meant a busy week of activities and outings. There was teen teamwork involved in clearing out the shed and fixing the curtain pole, shopping and a visit to Dublin's wonderful Science Gallery where we all learned new facts and skills (including lock picking) and took pixellated pictures of each other, like this one:

That's Smiley on the left!
Wishing you lots of reasons to be cheerful too xx

Reasons to be Cheerful


  1. I go for taste over looks with cakes any day!

    1. Oh absolutely, but sometimes you want them to look amazing too :)

  2. Great post. Yes, the tin size is important, especially as there's enough mix for three layers in the recipe. Sorry to hear it went awry and glad it was rescued with icing sugar and tasted good - that's what really matters! :)

    1. Thank you, and thanks for the fabulous recipe too :)

  3. Ah icing sugar.....fixes everything. It looks great anyway, very fudgy...yum!
    Nicola x

  4. Ahh! Well if the cake tasted nice, that's all that matters!
    Lovely reasons to be cheerful x