The giant monster cake eating challenge

In all fairness it wasn't my fault. My eldest daughter sent me a link to the best places to eat cake in Dublin and challenged me to bring Smiley to all of them. Just to test whether they really are that good. How could I refuse?

It's also that stage of the summer holidays when I'm running out of answers to the question "what shall we do today?" Suddenly I had a new project, and so we began the giant monster cake eating challenge. Today.

It turned into an adventure too as we headed away from our usual stomping ground and as often happens, got stopped by someone who saw my daughter and wanted to talk about special needs. She walked alongside us, even pushing the wheelchair and telling me things that I'm not sure I wanted to hear! We walked all the way to the station at the end of Talbot Street. No cafe. We said goodbye to our companion and turned back again. Had it closed?


Nestling among the... oh wait I forgot to check that... was the cafe we'd been looking for.

It's called The Wooden Whisk

Once inside the fun continued as it is not clear from the signage what a customer is supposed to do. I hovered, fairly obviously I think, with Smiley in her giant wheelchair, but the staff did a good impression of pretending that we were invisible. I tried leaning over the counter, and sitting at a table and looking hopeful, and eventually I managed to catch someone's eye and finally got some clear instructions.

Then there was a bit of a muddle over the order. They thought I said "Nutella cheesecake and toffee." So this is what we were given.

But I couldn't really send the other one back, could I?
The coffee arrived, strong and hot, five minutes later.

By then half the Nutella cheesecake had gone...

The review bit 

(To move to Pinterest after this one as I'm sure you'll all get fed up pretty quickly of lots of cake reviews, well wouldn't you?)

Choice: Plenty of cakes and savoury food too.

Atmosphere: Quirky, and I really liked it. There was music that sounded vaguely Greek, which was a bit incongruous, but it was very much in the background. A real oasis on a busy street.

Service: A bit mixed (see above).

Price: Almost €10 for two cakes and a coffee is not cheap, but I'd say the price per calorie was pretty competitive!

Children: Seemed welcome.

Toilets: There were toilets but we didn't check them out.

Wheelchairs: There was plenty of room and no steps. Again I don't know if there is a wheelchair accessible toilet.

Verdict: The cakes looked gorgeous, but the taste did not quite live up to the appearance, based on the small sample that we tried: they were a bit bland, though still delicious. Obviously we'll have to go back again and try some more, just to check...

The Wooden Whisk is at 94 Talbot Street, Dublin 1, and I received no inducements for this review.


  1. Ohh yum! Cake!! They look so good!
    Great review! Obviously more testing is needed....hehehe

  2. That is such a cool project...and lots of walking around and pushing a wheelchair to burn off the calories! Ya have to keep the reviews here too though...this is fun! xx

    1. Running too! I've actually managed a bit of running this summer :) xx

  3. Your daughter thinks up awesome challenges! I have to say, that came looks delicious, pity it didn't live up to it x

    1. That's why we have to go back and try some more of their cakes x

  4. Keep them coming.... I need a couple of really amazing breakfast places to take my husband to! xx

  5. Mmmm I think H and I need a project like this, my trousers say differently :D

  6. love it and the cakes look so delish
    Wow and your photos are amazing

    1. Thank you so much and lovely to hear from you! I hope you all are having a great summer x

  7. I clicked the link from your most recent post to this one, thinking "what?!" I love it! I hope my eldest daughter sets me this challenge some day.....although I'll probably be doing it regularly from now on!