Reasons to be cheerful 10.9.15

No intro this week, just reasons to be cheerful...

  • Realising that emotional upset does ease, even though you don't believe that it will when you're up to your neck in it. Important to remember on World Suicide Prevention Day.

  • Helping a friend to move house combined with a driving lesson for my daughter. Proud multitasker here!

  • First time I ever had to put a car through the NCT (Irish equivalent of the MOT) and it passed, even though I did nothing except remove the hub caps and send it for a service. Memo to self: do not be cynical about pass quotas and revenue streams...

  • Made myself go to an autism mummy coffee morning and was very glad that I did. And I will still call myself an autism mummy even though I stupidly read a blog post yesterday that suggested that doing so makes me more likely to murder my child. You really couldn't make this stuff up.

  • Rescued a heavily chewed but pretty top from the bin with a bit of slash and stitch. So now Smiley will be able to wear it for bit longer.

  • Evening help for two hours a week and it's making a huge difference - I no longer feel like a zombie by 9pm on those nights! Best of all, Smiley is loving having someone new, young and enthusiastic on her care team.

  • Delighted to be shortlisted in this year's Blog Awards Ireland. The blog is in the parenting category, which isn't entirely appropriate, but if you want to throw a vote my way, I'd really appreciate it.

Here's the link:

Methinks these awards are aimed at business bloggers...

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  1. Calling yourself a Autistic Mum makes you more likely to murder your child? I laughed out loud at that! Lovely post - lots of reasons to be cheerful! :) xx

    1. There's some very strange ideas out there! xx

  2. That's a lot of reasons to be cheerful this week :-D Well maybe except the autism mummy murderer thing !! Good luck in the blog awards, I do think you're suited to the parenting category, why wouldn't you be? I'm in the lifestyle category, competing with fashion blogs, I'll never make it!!!

    1. I don't think that there are enough categories - there needs to be one called Favourite Blogs, I think, that would cover all the personal bloggers that write about everything and who we all love to read !

  3. You always have great reasons, they make me look inward, which is a very good thing. I, personally, think you should be getting every award going. I shall go off to vote now xx