Reasons to be cheerful 24.9.15

It's been a much better week, but in a normal way, making it perversely difficult to find interesting reasons to be cheerful! But I've done my best...

  • Homework is hated in this house, but after a rocky start, it's mostly getting done: I'm providing support, supervision and cookies. The supervision bit includes lots of 'free' time - I just have to be there - so I occupy myself with social media and blogging. A bonus for me :)

  • A visit to the GP for a quick health check went well. Those blood pressure spikes over the summer must have been caused by actually visiting the chemist, because the doc says it's normal. No cancer worries about some odd skin problems either, and I managed to find the courage to talk to him about feeling low and stressed again and he listened and gave me something else to try. 

  • A couple of really good mornings when everyone was on good form and everything went to plan. I actually felt elated, it was great to get a reminder of how good life can be and hopefully it will be like that most of the time one day.

  • The dark mornings mean I get to see some beautiful sunrises, like this one from Wednesday.

  • I found a spare hour to tackle the front garden, even planting flowers in the the tub, instead of just buying a new one. If the rain holds off today, I might even cut the grass.

I hope you had a good week too.

Ojo's World


  1. Your garden looks so pretty. So pleased that you have had a good week. Love your photographs. xx