The Power of Sleep and Another Birthday

It's mid term break here, but only my son has the week off. Angel's course continued through bank holiday Monday, Smiley was back on her post school programme on Tuesday and the appointments began again on Wednesday. On Thursday there was yet another birthday - they seem to come round faster every year...


You know the night when the clocks go back and parents are normally gritting their teeth at all the people boasting about getting an extra hour in bed? Well it happened here. In fact I got several extra hours in bed and I woke up naturally, no alarm clock and no child was involved. This almost never happens and was a brilliant start to the day. Then my son got up at the same time and adjusted all the clocks, unasked. That day I felt happy and energised and productive and I saw the difference in Smiley too.

Many of my friends suffer from insomnia. I don't. I have children who keep me up at night. A few words with my eldest and youngest will hopefully help, but with Smiley it's a medical issue. I think she's in pain from her right leg again, caused by cerebral palsy-type contractures, so after the weekend I started making phone calls and she's going to get reviewed. It may mean more Botox or even surgery. In the meantime she will need lots and lots of Nurofen to get her through the next few weeks.

Another birthday

Smiley was 19 yesterday, which is why my reasons to be cheerful post is late this week. Somehow 19 seems a lot more grown up than 18, especially as she is no longer in school. It's really hit home that I am now the carer of an adult, if a very unusual one. The celebrations began during the Halloween Party at her social club last Saturday, complete with spooky Zumba and on the big day itself, I baked two cakes, one for her post school programme and one for home. What more could any chocoholic want?


Not only was it wonderful to see Smiley's grandparents on her birthday, but it also meant that I had an urgent reason to clean the house. So now it looks lovely...

I hope you have lots of reasons to be cheerful this week too xx

Reasons to be Cheerful


  1. Oh yum for that birthday cakes and how fab that the clocks changing passed by so smoothly for you all.
    Belated Happy Birthday to Smiley x

  2. I am sorry to hear that Smiley is in pain and I hope it gets sorted quickly. I can't believe how fast the years are flying by... I am sending a huge Birthday hug to your 19 year old. xx

  3. Sleep and birthdays the best reasons to smile!

  4. Ahh th satisfaction of a clean house, I love it. Have a fab weekend, Mich x

  5. I'm glad Smiley had a great birthday, not so good she's in pain. Hope you get it sorted soon, for both of you. I love my sleep too, I got woken up at 6:30 am that morning, with little A stimming around my bed........yay! lol xx