Reasons to be cheerful 5.11.15

After an anxious start, yesterday went unexpectedly well, and my happiness hangover has helped me through today's challenges. Reasons to be cheerful? I have a few...

Shopping with Smiley

The birthday celebrations continued at the weekend, with a trip into town. Smiley still loves the buzz of the city centre, and all the people who pay her attention, especially when she met someone from her new placement. The words see you tomorrow, gave me a lovely warm feeling that my daughter may have found her community. I really hope so.

Happy shopping selfie


Angel's graduation ceremony was this week and we went on a shopping trip (there seems to be a theme here!) to celebrate. It also involved lots of driving practice in advance of her upcoming test, and lunch too.

Keeping the iPad

My low mood last week meant that I was considering giving to charity the iPad that the lovely Netflix people had gifted to me. Angel persuaded me to keep it. I love that girl!

Smiley's Progress

They may sound like little things to you, but to me every small step forward is huge. So this week she managed to get her chewy necklace back in her mouth after it had fallen out (a huge effort to lift her arms that high, normally reserved for chocolate buttons or cake) and when I needed a bin and asked her to help me find one, she turned her head and eye pointed at the nearest bin! It could have been a coincidence, but I choose to think otherwise.

The fitness starts here

I got to go to this very swanky gym earlier in the week. More about it to follow in the next few days...

I hope that you had lots of reasons to be cheerful this week too.

Ojo's World


  1. those are wonderful reasons to be cheerful about - very pretty blog! Have a great week!

  2. Your post made me smile. I am so glad you had lovely reasons to be cheerful. xx

  3. Shopping always helps. Congratulations to both your girls on thier achievements this week. xxx

  4. so glad you can see progress for her. Lunch and shopping with Angel looked fab

  5. Brilliant achievements by both your girls this week! Fantastic news. Is that the Banbridge Outlet Is see there?! xx

  6. That bin look? INTENTIONAL! Take the positives, you have awesome children, just like their mama xx