Reasons to be cheerful at Christmas

I wasn't looking forward to Christmas, but after a good week, with all the alarms on my phone firmly set to the 'off' position, I'm feeling unexpectedly cheerful after all and here's why:

Schools Out

And the tests are over too. To round off the year on a high note, my son achieved two of the items on his wish list this week. I am so happy for him.

School Visit

I took Smiley back to her old school for their annual Christmas play: she was treated like a returning celebrity, and loved all the attention as well as the drama and the music.

Letting go of the festive competition

I bought no new decorations this year, not one. Some of the bulbs are gone on the (coloured) Christmas lights. And I don't care. I spent too much on the kids, but I'll worry about that in the New Year. A few people got left off my Christmas card list: I hope they'll forgive me. I did a quick clean of the main rooms of the house on Tuesday (before the babysitter arrived) and that's all I'm doing: the kids want to spend time with me, not listen to the hoover. There will be no big Christmas dinner because no-one wants one: we will be having roast chicken with Tiramisu for afters and the table will have little more than a seasonal cloth covering it.

I'm going to enjoy all the pictures of other people's festive tables and their Christmas feasts and not worry that ours is a bit different. At least no-one will be eating pizza here for Christmas Dinner any more.

And finally, I hope you all have a very happy day tomorrow, whether you celebrate Christmas or not. See you on the other side.

Reasons to be Cheerful


  1. Merry Christmas, Blue Sky. It is not what is on your table that matters, it is the people around it. We had our Christmas dinner last night before the family went back to Zimbabwe. It was very simple, yet lovely. We even opened our pressies! :) Have a lovely day. xx

    1. Very true - and the three most important people in the world to me were indeed around that table, thanks for the reminder and glad you had a lovely dinner xx

  2. I could of swore I had commented on this (Xmas brain), hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and that it was blissfully relaxing xx

    1. And you too, though I know it's been eventful also! xx

  3. Merry Christmas! so glad you got the Christmas that was right for you!