Things I didn't understand in 2015

Just some random thoughts from an over active brain:


How are some shops always advertising sales. Like Every. Single. Day. I'm looking at you Harvey Norman...

Wheelchair Design

Why I can't have a wheelchair for my daughter that has everything I think it needs. Like a pair of cup holders, lights or reflectors, a rain hood with a cut out for her face that doesn't let the rain in (apart from that special kind of rain you get in Ireland that blows horizontally of course). Shopping net, small portable tray and with power steering so I don't get so tired.

Christmas jumpers

I mean why wear them? They might look cool and ironic if you're young and gorgeous like Smiley (or you're Kate Moss) but I really think that anyone over 25 should avoid. And thoughts of sweating in one while slaving over a hot stove on Christmas Day is not good at all


Why did no-one tell me that when people say they are wearing their day time PJs, they actually mean comfy clothes not pyjamas?

Miserly Banks

My son thoroughly enjoyed a school trip to visit a bank in the city centre, and was awed by the traders explaining how they would expected to buy €240 million that day.  He didn't make a connection, but I was annoyed on his behalf when he told me that they had all been given a goody bag with cheap generic sweets! As my son said, the names were similar, but they didn't taste great at all. Was this done because he attends an inner city disadvantaged school?

Surely a bank that trades in hundreds of millions every day can afford to give visiting school children real gummy bears? Even just for a bit of positive PR?

The Dark Ages

As well as filling in forms, everything special needs seems to require a half hour phone call (assuming you actually get through) when it could actually be dealt with in a 2 minute email. Is this an unintended consequence of the Freedom of Information Act?

Rewards Schemes

Especially the ones that just offer weekends away and outings that I can't use: and the knowledge that I'm subsiding the social lives of people in their 20s is pretty galling. Grumble, grumble.

Functional sandals

Why do so many older women wear sandals? In almost all weathers except snow. Don't their feet get cold or something?

What confused you this year?


  1. I'm trying to think what confused me.... I know there are things that constantly amaze but I can't think of any atm. Meanwhile I agee with you about Xmas jumpers, sales and miserly banks. Re the wheelchair - there must be a wheelchair company you could sell your ideas to.

    1. I'd give them away happily if they'd make Smiley a wheelchair in return!

  2. Christmas jumpers-yuck!!! And I'm the wrong side of 50 to even think about wearing one!!
    The bankers- loathe them more than I loathe the above mentioned jumpers!!!
    We get a similar attitude because we live in the east end of Glasgow. Like, how dare we try to rise out of the cess pit and think we are something!!! We had a social worker who thought that was. Picture her face when I told her I used to stay in the posh west end and the house we stay in - you can also buy the same house in the potash west end for about £30K more than the one we live in!!!!!

    Have a lovely Christmas, minus those jumpers and a good New year!!

  3. Christmas jumpers are great, it adds to the general festive atmosphere of the season. I don't have one, because they probably look better on other people, but I think they're cute :-)

    1. Yeah I think I might have been a bit tactless with that one - though they do set my teeth on edge when I see them on some older people!

  4. Christmas jumpers are firmly up there with things that are totally fine but not for me. Smiley is rocking hers - it's a pretty classy one too.

    Pity designers couldn't put as much thought into wheelchair design as buggies, guess they're not as profitable. Now there's a project for Bugaboo...

    1. Much more tactfully put, Jill, in the topic of Christmas jumpers...

      A Bugaboo wheelchair sound fab, it would be good PR for them too, I would think!