Reasons to be cheerful 7.1.16

Well here we go again, another new year and another new term: and that means lots of stress all round, piled on top of all the other things that need attention. So I will keep looking for reasons to be cheerful to remind me that it isn't all bad. And this week I'm celebrating the little things:

  • A lovely relaxed lunch out with my son (having discovered on Monday morning that he wasn't in fact due to go back to school until Wednesday).
  • Shopping with my girls.
  • A new mobile phone for Christmas, which is much faster, has a bigger screen, more storage, and a better camera (though I'm still getting the hang of it).

  • Giving in to my inner brat and keeping half an eye on #DrummondPuddleWatch on Wednesday. It was British humour at its absolute best and kept me totally entertained during a dull afternoon of special needs phone calls and letters and emails.

  • Possibly fixing the dishwasher with the help of YouTube.
  • Going to see Star Wars again during the day with a friend. Which means I enjoyed that delicious sensation you get when you break the rules (middle aged mum who should be at home doing housework).
  • Hitting 500 likes on my blog Facebook page, despite the best efforts of the Facebook money machine to stop it happening. Thank you to everyone who takes an interest in my writing.

Here's hoping that there were lots of reasons to be cheerful this week for you too.

Ojo's World


  1. ooh now there is an idea going to a movie with no kids! Sounds like a great week especially the new phone

  2. Our local cinema shows early films, just for us rebel parents! I plan on using it soon. I hope the stresses haven't been too bad xx

  3. good luck with your dishwasher - 500 likes on your page, that is quite an accomplishment - have a wonderful week!

  4. How do fb try to stop you getting 500 likes? Is that the threshhold adter wich they have to send you notifications about your stats?

    1. Facebook now unfollows 'likers' who don't regularly interact with your page, so your numbers go up and down... and the closer I got to 500 the more messages I got from Facebook suggesting I pay them to promote my page and get more followers, something I would never do!