Escaping with Netflix

Do you feel the need to escape from the stresses of everyday life? I know I do. Better still if I can do it every day. And that's where Netflix comes in.

I know my viewing habits seem a bit weird to many other women my age: I've little interest in reality TV or soaps disguised as period drama. No, the high stress levels associated with being a special needs mum mean that total escapism is what I need most, and for me that usually means science fiction and fantasy.
It's not just me either: the rest of the household mostly enjoy this stuff too. And this is how we've been escaping recently.

Jessica Jones

Pride of place has to be given to this series based on the Marvel comics and starring the tough, loyal, contrary and flawed Jessica Jones, a superhero turned private investigator who has a creepy stalker. It's all very dark, with echoes of The Silence of the Lambs, but intensely watchable.

Angel is a huge fan and there was joy unconfined in this house at the announcement in January of a second series.

All the more reason for her to wear her new T shirt.

Terra Nova

So I finished watching Narcos and needed something to fill the gap until Jessica Jones began streaming.  Netflix suggested Terra Nova, a dystopian future set in the past, (which will make sense if you watch) where all is not as it seems.

It's based around a family trying to make a better life for themselves and fighting battles with dinosaurs, disease, meteors and future overlords.

I wasn't convinced by the first episode, but then the twists began appearing, including some completely unresolved scenes such as the one when a small child brings a dangerous looking plant into her bedroom. And NOTHING happens!!

Perhaps it will in series 2. Oh wait, I think that's been cancelled...

The Vampire Diaries

Once Jessica Jones was finished, I turned to Netflix again for ideas on what to watch next, and this looked like the best option for me.

See in small town suburban America, The Vampire Diaries tells the story of a bunch of apparently ordinary teenagers whose lives are turned upside down when two (handsome) young vampires arrive. There follows lots of drama, death, teenage angst and magic. Very little gore, and I found it enjoyable and quite compelling to watch. There's also a LOT of episodes, I've lost count and I'm only on season 5, but I needed to take a break, and so I been watching...

Shadow Hunters

As a fan of the Mortal Instruments books by Cassandra Clare, and the critically panned film, I was really excited to see how Netflix would handle this series about teenagers (again) who discover a whole new world of vampires (again) werewolves and other supernatural beings, some good and some evil, and the evil ones are hunted by a group of humans with special powers (and short lives) called Shadow Hunters.

As usual with Netflix, it looks great. But the script is a bit weak and the cast of unknown actors are wooden so far. Perhaps they will get better as the series goes on - I will keep watching and let you know.

The 100

While I wait for season 2 of Daredevil, I'm thinking of giving this teen dystopian future series another try - because my daughter wants someone to discuss it with!

Upcoming Programmes

2016 promises plenty more escapism, and here we're waiting impatiently for series 2 of Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Sense8.

If they don't interest you, check out this handy summary of what to look forward from Netflix.

Disclosure: I have received free Netflix streaming, and a streaming device as part of my membership of the Netflix Stream Team. All opinions expressed in this post are my own.


  1. It's funny you mention escapism,I've started watching Reign on the rare occasions I have the tv for myself, I'm sure I don't fit with the target audience but it's easy viewing after a stressful day
    Nicola xx

  2. Definitely different viewing choices than mine! I find interesting though, be very boring if we were all into the same thing?
    I'm thinking Terra Nova might be of interest to me :) xx

    1. Oh it would, and I do watch some more mainstream choices - e.g. Grace and Frankie - looking forward to season 2 of that as well xx

  3. haven't seen any of these but then again Netflix has so much to offer that we've barely dipped a toe in the water so far and my kids tend to hog it a lot to watch what they want! x

    1. I'm lucky that it's mainly me and my eldest daughter who benefit from Netflix so I tend to get to see exactly what I want, when I want. I love it :) x