A touch of autism and some reasons to be cheerful

Autism nearly broke me this week. Not my son's behaviour, but the response of the world to it, especially the education system. By Thursday evening I was doubting my judgement, my parenting, and the evidence of my own eyes. Thank you to all the friends on Facebook and Twitter who put me straight and their ongoing help is my first reason to be cheerful this week.

I still don't know how to deal with what happened. A strongly worded but diplomatic letter to those involved? Not sure that I am capable of doing that. Keep going the way I am? Not sure that will be enough. Get angry? That won't help.

But I know what I can do...

Get up

Make up

Dress up

Show up

And smile!

(Hence the earlier selfie)

Other reasons to be cheerful:

Open Windows

Today for the first time, I opened the windows to let in the balmy spring air. Since autumn they have remained tightly closed except to let out steam.

Today too, the hat, scarf and glove drawers remained firmly closed. Perhaps winter is finally behind us.

Home cooking

As opposed to baking - they always eat my baking. Main course? Not so much. But I threw caution to the winds on Friday, dug deep into my back catalogue of tried and trusted recipes and made a Beef in Guinness casserole with some left over meat. They all tried it.

I forgot to take carefully composed photo of the dinner, so here is a completely unrelated dawn pic  from earlier in the week. Just because.

Reasons to be Cheerful


  1. So sorry to hear it's been such a difficult week. Hopefully we get to meet and have a chat. If you want to talk about it..... we can chat about anything and nothing at all!
    Writing that letter after a little bit of calm reflection (easier said than done.... I know!) might be cathartic? And might even make a difference? Weel, you can but hope.
    And I loved your selfie, open dorrs (I'm doing that myself too) and the fab photo :) ((xxx))

    1. Great to meet up with you today and to get your perspective xx

  2. Oh no, sorry to hear this.... I have been away so have missed what has been going on. Hope you are okay. Also hope that the weather is warming up for my visit to Ireland! xx

    1. The weather really is warming up, it should be lovely and balmy by the time you arrive xx