The big night out and other reasons to be cheerful

I was like a young wan going to her first disco. The preparations started the week before with the purchase of a new 'top' (black, Dunnes Stores, €20) and the day before I washed my hair, a bigger job than it sounds...

The less you go out, the harder it gets, and I'm totally out of practice. Where on earth is that party girl I used to be?

The morning of the big night out began with a treat. One I was oddly nervous about. Angel had given me a voucher for a make up lesson for Christmas, and this seemed like the perfect time to use it. So with lashings of eye liner and my new coat as armour, I dashed into town as the place opened and into a sea of colour and style and perfectly made up young women. Intimidating much! But they were very nice to me and I left with lovely looking skin and proper spidery eye lashes. I will definitely be returning to purchase the mascara...

The night out involved drinking cocktails with other escaped special needs mums (and one dad), wearing heels I could barely walk in, staying out later than I promised, but going home before I wanted to, and doing a bit of embarrassing mum dancing. Still, no-one knew me in there. Did they?

It was great fun, I found the party girl, and let her out to play for one night only. She's firmly back in her box now. Locked away. But it's nice to know she's still in there.

The next day there was the hangover to deal with: not the alcohol fuelled type, but caused by neglecting my duties for a few hours. Which meant I had to fit even more in on Sunday. But since then it's been a good week for lots of reasons:

  • The day that Smiley's bus driver put my bins away for me. I nearly cried - kindness always makes me emotional. Overcome.

  • I fixed the fridge (again) and the. washing machine. Competent.

  • Angel passed another exam. Proud.

  • Watched Daredevil with my daughter. Happiness.

  • A new Café in town handing out hit bite size Danish pastries to passers by. Yum.

  • Clothes shopping with my son, and a pair of trainers bought. Result.

  • Showering Smiley on my own and we're both still smiling, even though it took a couple of hours to get from bed to breakfast. Sorted.

  • This morning the sun is shining and hopefully it will be a good weekend.

Happy Easter Everyone.

Reasons to be Cheerful

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  1. Susan (Eastendmom)March 25, 2016 at 5:59 PM

    It does feel odd now to go out like that, doesn't it? But I think we appreciate it more because it's such a treat. Glad that you had a good week in general and have a happy Easter weekend.

    1. I really hope that you had a lovely Easter too x

  2. I am glad you found your party girl, sounds like you should bring her out again soon! At least every second month.... yes? :) xx

  3. That has to be the best blog yet. love it :)

  4. It's strange how we get out of practice when it comes to going out. I get so flustered by all the arrangements that have to be in place beforehand (including finding the time for me to wash my own hair) that I sometimes think it's just easier not to bother. And as you say, catching up the next day is also an effort. Lovely to read that it was worth all the effort though.

    1. It often does feel easier not to bother, and I'm very grateful that I have some friends who just keep nagging me until I do make the effort :)

  5. Fabulous. Don't lock that party girl away for too long now, ok? Now that she's had a taste she'll want more!! I'll 'help' ;)
    And I want the name of that mascara as I'm on the look-out for a non-smudgy one!! xx

    1. Look forward to your help :) And as soon as I can dig out the name of the mascara, I will get it to you xx