Reasons to be Cheerful 21.4.16

It's been a week of big ups and some downs too. But I won't mention them here today. Let's just focus on the good stuff.


I enjoyed another morning off, with an empty house, even if I had a full to do list. But after I'd finished the chores and done the shopping I sat eating lunch in peace looking out at my wreck of a garden but feeling grateful that it was mine, that I had this chance to enjoy the glorious weather and the bright blue sky. And I even read a few pages of a (new) book. Yes, I finally finished the one I started over Christmas...

After taking this photo, I did actually get organised enough to cut the grass. It's a start.

A whole day off

I attended the first AsIAM autism conference on Saturday and had a wonderful and useful day, and a reminder of how important respite is for carers. I felt refreshed and reinvigorated and full of energy to make more positive changes to our family life.


My son turns 15 today, eek! It will be a quiet celebration, just a few cards (with money in them) and a cake I've yet to make. Hopefully I've topped last years (cat + pun) card that he really liked, with this anime-related one that arrived in the nick of time from the US. Update: he loved it :)


The blog passed a million page views during the week: I remember celebrating getting to 10,000 after a year's blogging and thinking how amazing it was that so many people (and a few bots) had landed here and a had a look around. A million visitors is unimaginable but absolutely lovely. Thank you to each and every one of you.


Someone tipped my car this morning, but because the damage was so small and yet they made the effort to find my house and offer to pay, I said I would cover the cost. Much less hassle too!


Angel made this delicious Raw Banoffee Pie that is healthy too. Though possibly not in the quantities that we ate it...

Spring Cleaning

The spring sun is shining a light into all the dark and not so clean corners of the house, but it's also making me feel like cleaning them. And I am! I'm also ruthlessly decluttering and removing ornaments to make the prospect of cleaning less overwhelming.

More cheerful posts over at Lakes Single Mum.

Reasons to be Cheerful


  1. Oh, been enjoying the sunshine here too!!
    Mind you, my garden is a riot at the moment!!!
    Paul decided to go and practice out in the garden - someone decided to Chuck him a coin or two for his effort!! Which more than made up for our mearkat like neighbour who kept popping her head over the hedge!!!
    She hates it when we do anything that involves noise in our garden - from friends here, to us sitting chatting to Paul entertaining us.
    Do I sound like I care????

    1. No, you don't :) And nor should you have to worry about chatting in the garden! That's mad x

  2. Ohh fab, so many things to celebrate and a Banoffee pie that is healthy, I'll look at the recipe. Have a great week, Mich x

  3. Susan (Eastendmom)April 21, 2016 at 10:17 PM

    So does that mean each one of us readers is one-in-a-million? lol The pie looks terrific and I will be trying it when a friend who is lactose intolerant comes around.

    1. Of course Susan!

      And I'd love to know if you and your friend like the pie.

  4. Money in cards makes lovely smiles!

    And congratulations on the million. A million!

  5. Sometimes just doing nothing is what we need to do! Love all your reasons and hope they roll over into the next week

  6. I missed this week as we're away. I love your little garden, it beats a 2mx1m balcony any day. And Banoffee is my favourite.

    1. I do love my garden, but the grass always looks greener, and I sometimes find myself looking longingly at apartments with balconies on the internet and wondering how much less time they would take to keep clean etc!