An almost perfect weekend

As time creeps inexorably towards the summer state exams, life here feels like a car crash in slow motion, but rewind to last weekend and things were very different.

The sun was shining for a start, and the pressure was off too. Much as I love Smiley's Club, now that it's over for the summer, it was great to let her relax with her favourite videos on Saturday afternoon. Especially as she was still struggling with a head cold. Earlier we had been in town bringing my son to his drama group, so she did get out of the house. And so did I!

Smiley also went to sleep early, and that meant I got to make my son happy by watching an entire film with him: Avengers Assemble, in case you're interested.

On Sunday my weather App told me to head out early if I wanted to miss the forecast rain, so we did, and Smiley and I spent a lovely couple of hours pottering around Dublin's Grafton Street, listening to the buskers, taking photos of the sights and laughing at the antics of the ducks and pigeons in St Stephen's Green.

The only thing missing from the weekend was my first born: Angel was away in Limerick judging a gymnastics completion. Apart from that, it was almost perfect.

I'm linking this up with Reasons to be Cheerful, hosted this month by Michelle Twin Mum.

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  1. Sounds like lots of lovely things adding up. Her smile is infectious

  2. I love the look of that park with the lake. I love European parks and miss them a lot. Here we have wild open spaces but it's not the same.

    1. That's St Stephen's Green: it's right in the centre of Dublin :) Hopefully you'll be back in Europe again some time, and under happier circumstances than your last visit xx

  3. It does sound like a lovely weekend, Smiley always looks so joyous whenever you share photos. I hope this weekend is great too Mich x

  4. I love that I know exactly where you are when you mention Grafton Street and St Stephen's Green. Woohoo, I have been there! Love the picture of Smiley, it's a beauty as is she. xx