Carers need to have fun too

Well we do, especially if the sun is shining and you don't have to spend all day indoors. Of course I probably should have been doing something useful...

I could've been the perfect autism parent and spent the afternoon tellingbribing, encouraging and negotiating with my son to study and do all the other things I like to see him do every day. But that would have made us both stressed and miserable.

I could've been the perfect housewife and spent the afternoon cleaning. I can't deny the place needs it. Badly.

I could've been the responsible neighbour and tidied the front garden. But that would've been boring for Smiley too.

I could've been the organised housekeeper and done the big Tesco shop with Smiley - which she might have enjoyed - but luckily Angel volunteered.

I could've indulged myself and gone to beach, leaving the kids with their big sister. But I didn't.

I could've tackled the pile of paperwork, but that would have been so depressing.

These are the choices that I make every day as a carer. What to focus on? What to leave undone? Who to prioritise? And because Smiley is in a proper day service right now, I can indulge both her and myself at the weekends and concentrate on doing things that we both enjoy, knowing there will be some spare time during the week to catch up on chores.

On Sunday the gorgeous weather made the decision easy. No way could I stay cooped up in the house, and Smiley deserved an afternoon out, so I abandoned the chores and the responsibilities and pushed her up the hill to the Rockin' Road Festival in aid of local charity Childvision.

How to describe it? Vaguely 50s themed with lots of costumes, old cars and bikes and plenty of rock 'n roll on stage too. There was the Dad dancing, Mum dancing, a granny singing 'psychological torture' to a young toddler in her arms. Some of the language was not child friendly but the atmosphere was. It was accessible and inclusive - Smiley wasn't the only child or adult with special needs at the event.

And it was sunny...


  1. It looks like SO MUCH FUN... and I can see that Smiley had an awesome time. Lovely post. xx

    1. Thanks! You have to celebrate the good times ;) xx