House Hunting

I've always been fascinated by houses. I used to draw up house plans (my Mum kept boxes of them in the attic) and sketch door knobs and windows, anything of interest, when we visited other towns, especially beautiful Bath. Moving to Ireland meant I could indulge my interest every week through the property supplements in the national papers and now I can escape to on-line house hunting heaven at any time of the day or night. And sometimes I do, especially as the idea of moving to somewhere smaller and more manageable really appeals.

It could be a fresh start, a chance to create the perfect home for my daughter and shake off bad memories and disappointments.

But the thought of moving is scary too. Will it be a safe area? Will there be good broadband? Will a developer build houses in the field out front? Then there's the fear of losing my support network of doctors, babysitters, hairdressers, all those essential people that help us to live our lives in comfort.

Sometimes I look at houses and apartments in the city, but I also dream of moving to the country. Originally Wexford, but that ship has sailed. Now I'm being a bit more sensible and considering bungalows and cottages within easy reach of Dublin, and sometimes I go and look at one in real life, and explore the area, just to enjoy the space, the peace, the birdsong and the big skies above.

And so it was that I found myself one sunny morning heading out in the car to look at a run down bungalow near the coast.

Though this one did have a distant sea view...

I would need a builder and an architect. But oh it was on a lovely quiet lane, yet just a few minutes in the car from the motorway in one direction and a large supermarket in the other. Gotta keep dreaming and hoping right?


  1. I also used to design houses when I was a child. Now I spend my eveingings watching episodes of Escape to the Country so I know exactly what you mean. I also spend quie a lot of time on Zoopla and other property websites. And finally, I am also living in an area in the city where I have friends and DD's school, work and a network of support so I'm also not going anywhere in a hurry. Dreams are good though. xxx

  2. It looks like a great do-it-upper! :-)
    I also like the excitement of looking at other properties.... spent a bit of time doing this at the end of last year. Eventually the husband put his foot down! Hehehe.
    Keep looking. xx

    1. Don't stop looking if you enjoy it :-) The actual bungalow I went to see was pretty ugly, so no photo, but it's location was gorgeous ... xx