Reasons to be cheerful 19.5.16

Last week ended very badly but I think it was a build up of stress and anxiety. Once it was over, it really was over and this week began really well, and I was briefly back to my old energetic self. I cooked myself a dinner (instead of the toast I've been living off for the past few weeks) and we sat down to eat together. We discussed the history of the X Men. As you do.

I also cleaned the house, the car, cut the grass and started digging the garden.

Friends, fun and shopping

Tuesday was one of these days when (almost) everything worked out. My son was on a school trip, Smiley was off for the day and the sun was shining. So I called a friend and we went on a road trip. Up again to Newry to raid Boots and Sainsbury's and stock up on things that are much cheaper or not available in Dublin. It was a great day, and Smiley loved it.

Then on Wednesday I briefly met up with the lovely Jazzyville for coffee and a catch up. So I've been quite spoiled so far this week. Today I make up for it with back to back appointments until 3.30 pm. It's a carer's life..


Discovering I'm not the only mum who keeps being surprised by projects that have to be handed in for the Junior Cert. Because we didn't know that we needed to know about them. Most schools just tell the teenagers. Do they not realise how many teenagers are distracted by other things? Especially if they have additional needs.

Free books

They say that people don't appreciate things they get for free, but I don't think that applies to books. So I was thrilled to see on twitter that this is currently free for Kindle. If it's anything like her other books it will be a lovely warmhearted read and I can pretty much guarantee that unicorns, wizards or magical wardrobes will not feature anywhere in the story!

Have a great week xx

R2BC at Mummy from the Heart


  1. I looked up Rachel Lucas and I'm psyched for a literary visit to Scotland, having exhausted the Irish literary experience. (When I say literary, I mean chic lit not James Joyce. You understood that didn't you?)

    1. Yes she often does write about Scotland -- I downloaded this story without even reading the plot!

  2. Ooh I've just downloaded the book thanks! Its great when you have a week when things seem to go just right.

  3. Ohh I've not read any of Rachel's books as yet but I've heard god things. I hope you had a lovely time with Val. Enjoy the weekend, Mich x #R2BC

  4. SO lovely to pop over and meet you. I am glad your week had some lovely friends, fun and shopping. It is good to have some time to unwind and be around friends. LOve the photos of your family! #R2Bc

  5. It was fabulous to meet up with you, as usual! Yes, the school projects thing (and it continues past JC!) and the 'teaching teenagers responsibility'.... and independence and autonomy can be a nightmare.
    Thanks for the book tip. Going on my holiday download list. Hopefully it's still available. xx

    1. I think you should teach teenagers to be responsible, but have a back up plan in case it doesn't work! xx