6 things to do before I'm 60

Yet another birthday as I hurtle into my mid 50s. It's shocking how fast they come around and how much less they mean. The only constant now is how much less time is ahead of me and the need to make every day count.

There will few presents - I can't think of anything I want or need that can be neatly wrapped into a small package and tied with a bow. The big things I desperately want - health and happiness for my family and friends and their loved ones - sometimes seem like an impossible dream. For myself I'd like a measure of contentment and acceptance of my situation, but without losing the drive to change things, make things better, make a difference while I still can.

Today I will indulge myself. Just a small bit. Angel made a few suggestions: getting my hair done, eating out, but none of them appealed. I was surprised to find that the only thing I really want to do today is write...

And what of the future? I've 6 years until another landmark birthday: If I followed tradition I guess I should be compiling a list of 60 things to do before I'm 60. But I'm thinking that might be a tad ambitious, considering that I can find it hard to find the time and energy to even do basic things like cut my nails...

So I've come up with 6 things to do before I'm 60 instead:

  • Go on a date - I did a bit of internet dating back in 2007, but I found it dull, time consuming and depressing. Since then I've been too busy to even think about it. There has to be a better way.
  • Portraits - I would like to brave enough to ask people I see in the street if I can take their photo. I'm always spotting people that I want to photograph and then kicking myself as I let them walk by...
  • Special needs - I want to have a long term support and service in place for Smiley by the time I'm 60 and for my son to be living independently.
  • Dublin Women's Mini Marathon - This race has a special place in my heart, but I want to compete as a runner, not a walker. I'm determined to get fit enough to meet the qualifying time once again.
  • Tattoo - Yes I've left it very late and I know it smacks of a mid life crisis, but the great thing about being middle aged is that you don't care as much about what other people think. My biggest problem is what design to choose.
  • The Camino - for years I planned to walk the Camino for my 60th, but I don't think that will be possible, so I'm hoping to walk the Sligo Camino instead! I've never been to Co. Sligo and since it's in Ireland it just might be doable.

So that's it, I'd better get started. Only six years to go...


  1. Fabulous list! I want a tattoo too, but am also leaving it a bit late. I definitely won't be running any marathons though haha. Have a great day xx

  2. I've not got a bucket list as such, but I've ticked off a few things over the years.
    A house with a garden.
    It may not be showroom tidy, but it's home and it's ours.
    Going on holiday with the kids.
    Obviously, California was the biggie. Going on the cable car like Mrs Doubtfire.
    And Yosemite.

    One of the things I wanted to do was go on one of those beep, beep buggies in the airport!!! Did that in January cos I knew we didn't have much time, so that was a suggestion!!!!

    We are beginning to talk about when Matthew gets his lump sum from his pension. We might go to Canada. We have seen a Niagara Falls/NewYork/cruise on the Queen Mary and you go from Toronto to N.Y. on Amtrak. Yay, another thing!!!

  3. Happy Birthday lovely lady! Great list for you, it's good to have things to tick off. Hope the tat doesn't hurt too much 😱 xx

  4. Wishing you a really wonderful day whatever you do today. Happy birthday Xxx

  5. Happy Birthday! xxxxx You know I'm only 2 months younger than you and I could save most of this post and just paste it onto my blog in September, I feel exactly the same about the passage of time. The only thing is, I'm not ready to look towards 60 yet. Maybe I should write 4 things to do before I'm 58? Good luck with your list. I' off to Google the Sligo Camino - sounds like a fancy nighty.

  6. A very happy birthday to you my dear X I wish you all good things xxxx