An Afternoon in Temple Bar

Temple Bar. It used to be an alternative arty place to hang out. Now it's a drunken debauched den of iniquity where the streets heave with rivers of beer and staggering stag parties. Or so the narrative goes.

The decision to venture into Temple Bar on a Saturday afternoon after an Ireland match was surely a moment of complete madness. Especially with a young disabled adult in tow. But there you go.

There was drink, a lot of drink. And a lot of excitement too. Smiley fed off the atmosphere and radiated it back to the happy revellers. The young people in Meeting House Square weren't staring at my daughter, they were smiling with her. Perhaps it was the beer goggles or perhaps the new generation really are going to be a lot more inclusive. Let's hope so. Because we had a great afternoon pottering around and I'm sure we will be back again soon.

On the street
Cute or creepy? You decide.
Loved this flower stall in the Saturday market.
One of several Hen Parties.
Watching this kept us amused for ages, and I really wanted to give it a try, not for the money, just for the craic.
I think this guy was showing off (but he didn't win)
A reluctant Hen also has a go..
Lookin' good!
Loving it all :)

Especially this...


  1. Sometimes, being part of the crowd is enough.
    Smiley looks as if she's enjoying!!

    We had the commonwealth games here a couple of years ago.
    I felt a bit iffy about it. Tons of roadworks, a day centre for adults with disabilities was knocked down to make way for a car park. (That hasn't been used since!!!). And I messed , or someone messed my ticket application, so I didn't get any tickets.
    We did manage to get some tickets that were given to Enable, who do Peter's support. I started off feeling a bit flat, but by the time we got off the bus and walked to the Hydro - it was the start of an amazing atmosphere.
    When we got in, we cheered for the Scots. We cheered for you if you had a Scottish name. We cheered for you because you had the slot in between two Scots and felt you needed it!!!
    They also had the games logo in George Square. Peter and I went into town on the Saturday to try and get a pic of us beside it. There was a huge queue, but Peter was great and time flew past. We had one of the Canadian gymnasts in front of us!!!! Ans we're smiling in the pics

    1. That's it in one, Julie!

      So glad you had a good trip to the Commonwealth Games - I would have exactly the same anxieties about a big occasion like that x

  2. I love your photos. Dublin is def on my bucket list. I should actually write that bucket list then maybe some it will happen.