Reasons to be cheerful 16.6.16

I'm still here. But I've been very busy elsewhere, supporting my son through his exams and publicly advocating for my daughter - something that makes me very uncomfortable but it has to be done, and so far it has been well received. The exams are also going much better than expected, and there's only two more to go. So that's my first reason to be cheerful for this week. Here's the rest:

  • A nature photography challenge that provided the perfect level of distraction - here's one shot that didn't make the cut.

  • Smiley won a competition for a Hairy Baby apron via Saucepan Kids. She wears aprons when attempting to self-feed and when helping with the baking. I think she likes this one!

  • Yes the sunshine was wonderful, but it involved a lot of watering, which is now being handled by the Irish weather. As a result, things are happening in the garden, seeds are germinating, most of my pot plants are looking healthy, and the weeds are not winning. There may be smug photos soon...

  • The Junior Cert examination survival kit for Mums: I have it on good authority that this particular red wine from Lidl never causes hangovers, though I've yet to test that theory thoroughly!

  • I went to a few hours of the Inclusion Ireland conference for people with disabilities and their families and attended a fantastic workshop on severe and complex needs where I actually met other similar families and heard similar stories, it was very comforting. And a bit empowering too.

  • After weeks and weeks of feeling ill, I *may* be on the mend. This could also be connected with my first reason to be cheerful as nearly everything seems to be connected to my stress levels. Hopefully this is the start of life getting better again.

Lots more reasons to be cheerful over at Lakes Single Mum.


  1. Smiley looks very pleased with the apron. And I'm glad you're starting to feel a bit better. Well done for getting through the exams. xxx

  2. Thank you for coming into my blog and telling me what you have been up to.

    Will read some more of your blog.

    Best Wishes,


    1. Thanks Finola, I am continuing to follow yours too.

  3. Smiley is looking so grown up, all of a sudden! Loved your nature photos I saw them all on fb xx

  4. We had a fabulous Hairy Baby Tshirt when Sean was a baby that said @daddy is an awful eejit'. I loved it! Must check them out again. I'd forgotten about them - thanks for the reminder

  5. Those are all fab reasons to be cheerful. Smiley looks so happy in her apron. I think your picture of the flower is gorgeous. I go out photographing flowers everyday, sometimes with my phone, sometimes with the DSLR but there's something very therapeutic about capturing beautiful hints of nature on camera isn't there? Loving your mums junior cert survival guide too - I need to put one together for the 'I handled the newborn and the toddler on my own today' days! :)