Disclosure: I was given a free copy of SIX by Alma books to review, but all opinions are my own.

Imagine losing your mum, being uprooted from your safe and secure family life in the UK and having to start afresh in a new country and a new school where bullies lurk around every corner. This is what happens to Parker, the main character in the young adult sci-fi novel, SIX, by M.M. Vaughan.

Then your Dad disappears too and you have to find him, with the help of a hi-tech device he invented to help the family communicate with your sister Emma who is deaf. As the plot unfolds, Parker and Emma realise that their Dad, Dr Banks, was involved in a huge 'scientific' breakthrough that could change everything for the world.

As well as a compelling plot with lots of twist and turns and revelations, there's thoughtful touches too, like the children's anxieties over some of the more outlandish technology they find they have to use to get back to their Dad. And I liked this quote too:

A friend of Parker's parents had once mentioned that if you want to know what a person is really like, take a look at their bedroom.

But I totally fell in love with the book in chapter 20, when the significance of the book's title is revealed...

You'll just have to read it to find out.


  1. If you want to know what a person is really like, what do you look at?

    1. That's a very good question. I'm not sure. Though I do think the bedroom idea is a good one, as people often use it to express their personalities: I know I do.