Lovely Food and other reasons to be cheerful

It's been a crazy busy week, but mostly in a good way. Blog posts have fallen by the wayside as real life took over.

But I nearly let Smiley down last weekend. I made promises and decisions without really thinking them through. Blame the tiredness. So she missed all the festivals and activities I had planned for her and nearly got caught out without any toileting facilities. Then again she got to enjoy a walk and ladies' lunch on Saturday. That was the first of the lovely food. There was more on Sunday.

You see I promised the car to Angel on Sunday afternoon so she could attend an out of town gymnastic meeting, while she kept her brother and sister company in the morning so I could go for a run with a friend.

That meant that

1. I had no transport to bring Smiley anywhere.

2. I was too tired to walk into town.

Especially as I needed to factor in time to clean the house before the home help arrived. Mad I know, but at least the threat of a visitor makes me clean up, though it does result in the children getting less time and attention from me.

So Sunday afternoon was spent walking around the local area, doing errands, and eventually some lovely food was located in a local coffee shop.

I feel guilty mentioning coffee shops after giving out about them, but I do need occasional pit stops when I'm pushing Smiley around, because no matter how hard I train, it does get tiring. Plus it's good for me to sit down without the weight of all the undone chores sitting on my shoulders, as they do at home.

This café is next to a very busy road, so the drone of traffic is a steady backdrop, but the trees and a cooling breeze make it a relaxing spot to sit outside and watch the world go by. There was plenty of space for a wheelchair outside, but it would be cramped inside and the toilet is only small. Still I think we will be back on another sunny day.

And the week got better.

I had the first almost completely stress free day for more than five years on Monday. I can't begin to explain how much that means. I'd been putting my lack of energy and interest in life down to the menopause, but now I'm thinking that stress is the culprit: I got so much done on Monday, I took things in my stride that normally seem too challenging or not worth bothering about.

Is this a good sign for the future? I have to hope so.

On Wednesday I found the energy to bring Smiley swimming and coped with the stress of trying out a new pool. With the help of a physiotherapist from her old school, all went well, and she absolutely loved it.

So between lovely food and swimming for Smiley plus a day trip for the other two and haircuts for all (see 'Monday' above), I'm polishing up my maternal halo this week. I just need my vitamins now so I can keep this up for the rest of the summer!

Disclosure: I paid for the coffee and cheesecake. I'm just saying nice things about the Lovely Food Company, because it was so lovely...

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  1. So glad things took an upturn. Must be hard balancing all the plates. That food looked lush

  2. Such a lovely positive post! Don't feel guilty about the coffee shops. It's quite clear that that's not all you do with Smiley! And she does seem to love it too.
    Oh and I so get the blogging vs real life issue ;-)

    1. What happened to real life? Why is it taking over? That's what I want to know :-)

  3. Ohh your coffee shop treat looks really good and too right that you have to have some pit stops, I can't imagine how heavy it must be pushing Smiley round. As for the stress free day it sounds perfect and I'll definitely pray for lots more of those for you. Mich x

  4. I'm sure it's nice for Smiley too to have her tea break in a coffee shop where the scenery is a change from home and it's fun to people watch - don't we all like that? Wishing you another week of Mondays, xxx

  5. Hello, my name is Di and I am a coffee shop addict! :)
    A lovely positive post.... is there anyway you can replicate your stress free day? xx

    1. I think I am too :)

      I'm hoping that time and maturity will mean some more stress free days in the future. I'm sure you know what I mean ;) xx