And the livin' is easy. Well easier, anyway.

Post exams and my stress levels are slowly lowering from the danger zone. Things still make me angry and I erupt and spew forth, usually on Twitter. And then the feeling passes. My 2 month bout of severe vertigo seems to be easing. The days are less structured, my son is on holidays and so are the therapists, so fewer appointments. What shall we do today becomes a question that there is actually time to answer. I can't do what I want, but I can do what the children need.

Hopefully the sun will also melt the stress away - though it looks as though I may have to rely on rain washing it away instead. But since my son loves the rain, that may not be such a bad thing.

When the sun did come out, it was glorious..

On top of that, I have some actual reasons to be cheerful too:

A really good day

They do happen. Yesterday was lovely. I went for a group run in the Phoenix Park and ran faster than I have for five years. That sub 60 minute 10K is getting closer.. Afterwards a friend popped in for coffee, and later I collected Angel from work and we went out for a quick dinner and then to the cinema.

I tried edible flowers for the first time!

Smiley's Progress

She used the toilet so well last weekend that she only needed two nappies a day.

She is mostly sleeping through the night in her sleep system that means I often sleep through too, and more importantly it will prevent her from getting serious problem in years to come that could be expensive and unpleasant to fix. It shows what can be done when you have a really good service that provides a timely and personalised approach.

I returned from blood tests this morning to find Smiley and Angel watching Gymnastics together - it would be wonderful if she really likes this sport because then the sisters would share an interest and might spend even more time together. I think they would both enjoy that.

Autism is going better

And I can't say any more on here about that!

For more reasons to be cheerful, head over to Lakes Single Mum.


  1. Such fabulous news about the toilet and the sleep. Must make your life a lot easier.
    Enjoy the more relaxed summer and hopefully more quality time with all your children

  2. Wishing you a laid back summer. We are also enjoying the slower pace and the reduced stress of not having to be racing the clock the whole time. I love the gymnastics too, it's about the only thing I watch in the Olympics.

    1. Yes we'll all be glued to the gymnastics in the Olympics this year, especially as the UK and even Ireland could do well!

  3. Holiday's are great for providing respite from all those extra's that need to be done. Way to go on your running and evening out with Angel. Lovely post.xx

  4. Ohh some real glimpses of light in this post. It looks like you and Angel had a delicious meal together and what great progress with Smiley. Mich x

    1. Yes thanks Mich, the summer holidays are definitely more enjoyable :) x