Favourite posts of mine and yours.


Like these two where I try to make sense of the life that I have:


Three posts that struck a chord in 2014 (one has been nominated for best blog post in the Irish Blog Awards):

Crying Insidehttp://www.lookingforbluesky.com/2014/05/crying-inside.html

After I diehttp://www.lookingforbluesky.com/2014/06/after-i-die.html

Dancing out of my comfort zonehttp://www.lookingforbluesky.com/2014/12/dancing-out-of-my-comfort-zone.html


Two posts that struck a chord in 2013 (one was nominated for best blog post in the Irish Blog Awards):

I felt so lowhttp://www.lookingforbluesky.com/2013/07/i-felt-so-low.html

What ifhttp://www.lookingforbluesky.com/2013/06/what-if.html


Political and/or special needs rants:

So Minister, what job would you suggest for my daughter?http://www.lookingforbluesky.com/2011/12/so-minister-what-job-would-you-suggest.html

Children locked up in Ireland in a school near youhttp://www.lookingforbluesky.com/2013/08/children-locked-up-in-ireland-in-school.html


On celebrating my eldest daughter's 18th birthday:


Random posts:

Surviving Gastroscopyhttp://www.lookingforbluesky.com/2013/03/surviving-gastroscopy.html

GIVEAWAY AND REVIEW: Lego Batman 2 DC Super Heroes game for XBOX 360:     http://www.lookingforbluesky.com/2012/07/giveaway-and-review-lego-batman-2-dc.html


Life with Asperger's Syndrome:

What I wish I'd known about Aspergershttp://www.lookingforbluesky.com/2013/04/what-i-wish-id-known-about-aspergers.html


Life with a severely disabled child:

Smiley's Story Part 1: Born too soonhttp://www.lookingforbluesky.com/2010/04/smileys-story-part-1-born-too-soon.html

These are my childrenhttp://www.lookingforbluesky.com/2013/08/these-are-my-children.html


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